Gold Reef City - South Africa

Gold Reef City is a Theme Park in Johannesburg -South Africa- with an entertainment program on various topics.

inside Crown Gold Mine in Gold Reef City Johannesburg

In the center is the former Crown Gold Mine, one of the deepest gold mines in the world. Until 1982 about 1400 tons of gold have been produced from up to 4.2 km depth. Today, visitors can descend into a 240 m deep shaft with a guided tour.

Historic locomotive in Gold Reef City - Johannesburg
Besides historic locomotives and wagons with safes for gold, a number of old machines often from German manufacturers, such as printing presses or minting machines, can be visited. In the dry continental climate of Johannesburg, these machines had been preserved for decades.

Dance performances of different groups in historical outfits entertain the visitors. Children have the opportunity to pan for gold. Also white-water rides and roller coasters serve the pastime.

Pouring of gold in Gold Reef City - Johannesburg
The highlight is the pouring of gold bars in the gold-digger museum. In the video you see how a 12.5-kg gold bar is poured. Anyone, who can raise a tapered gold bars horizontally with one hand, can take the gold bar along.

However up to now nobody has succeeded!

Video and text: copyright@myVideoMedia