Bregenz and Pfänder Vorarlberg - Austria

Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg, is the westernmost city in Austria. The location on Lake Constance has determined the urban development. An urban fixed point which is hard to miss is the modern Art House.

The new festival hall at the port has a seating capacity for approx. 7.000 spectators and a view onto the biggest lake stage of the world.  In summer time the world-famous Bregenzer Festspiele – the summer music festival – takes place on the lake stage with its monumental backdrops; the program mainly operas, operettas and musicals. The Bregenz synchronized sound location was developed here. This innovative acoustic method permits the spectator not only the visual but also the acoustic localization of the actor.
Martins Tower in Bregenz- largest onion dome in Central Europe
Martins Tower

The old town with its narrow streets is dominated by the Martins Tower, the largest onion dome in Central Europe. It is the landmark of Bregenz and perfect scenery for a walk.

cable car to Pfaender - landmark mountain of BregenzA short trip on the Pfänder - the landmark mountain of Bregenz - rounds off the stay. If the fog thins out, on has a unique view of the city, the Lake Constance and the Alps.

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