Sithona the second finger of Halkidiki - Greece

Porto Koufo at the southwest tip of Sithonia
Taverna in Porto Koufo
Sithonia  (Σιθωνία) is the second Finger of Halkidiki (Χαλκιδική) in Greece. The beautiful beaches on the east coast are mainly visited by campers.

Porto Koufo at the southwest tip of Sithonia
Greece's biggest nature port - Pórto Koufó - is located at the southwest tip. In the calm waters the fishermen could always find shelter from the rough seas. In the 2nd World War II, the port served as a base for the German submarine force in the eastern Mediterranean.

Just a few miles away we reach the Bay of Toroni. Off the coast, on a small peninsula, the remains of a Byzantine castle are preserved.

The west coast is dominated by the tourist sites Neos Marmaras and Porto Carras.

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