Palacio Nacional da Pena - Portugal

Palacio Nacional da Pena Portugal
Palacio Nacional da Pena

The Palacio Nacional da Pena lies above the Portuguese town of Sintra. The palace was built by the Portuguese titular King Ferdinand II in 1840 on the ruins of a monastery and served as summer residence for the royal family. Ferdinand was married to Mary II out of the House of Braganza. Inevitably one feels reminded of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, although this was built later. 
The palace is fully furnished and can be visited. The Pena National Palace belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Convento dos Capuchos Portugal
Convento dos Capuchos

Approx. 5 km south west lies the Convent of the Frairs Minor Capuchin (Convento dos Capuchos), a former Capuchin monastery. The monastery is located deep in the woods of the National Park Sintra-Cascais. The monks lived under Spartan conditions in cells partly carved into rocks. Some of the cells were paneled with cork.

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