Zagoria, the villages behind the mountains - Greece

The Zagoria (Ζαγόρι), a short form of Zagorohoria - the villages behind the mountains - includes an area of 46 villages north of Ioannina in Greece. Typically, the houses are built with stones of this area.The rough terrain of the Zagoria was a popular area of retreat for partisans in the Greek War of Independence and during the occupation.

Street in Monodendri
Above Monodendri is an impressive stone forest, which was made accessible by a new road.
The herds of goats look picturesque, but the shepherds do not always have empathy with their animals.

tou Plakida
Beginning of the 19th Century, the Ottomans built eight stone arched bridges in the Zagoria. The most impressive - tou Plakida, with three stone arches is located just outside the village of Kipi below the road to Ioannina.

Further destinations in Zagoria

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