Xian - China

South Gate Xian
The cityscape of Xian (西安), a city in China with 3 million inhabitants, is marked by a 14 km long city wall which is almost completely preserved. The high bell tower with a height of 118 feet is in the centre of the north-south axis. Today, the South Gate with its huge dimensions is also used for festive occasions, such as weddings. However, it also offers the possibility to see parts of the city from above.

The queue of people in front of the office of CITS, a semi-governmental travel agency of China, seems to prove that travelling has become unexceptional for Chinese people.

In the evenings you can enjoy the typical Chinese illumination or the grandpa-grandma-disco, how the young people call the rhythmic gymnastics of the elderly people. Chinese people also love to be photographed in historical costumes.

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