Tiananmen Square - Beijing - China

The Tiananmen Square (天安門廣場), place of the heavenly peace, is located in the centre of the Chinese capital Beijing and is the biggest fastened, public place on this earth. It has room for about 1 million people.

To the west the square is bordered by the Great Hall of the People, the seat of National People's Congress, the Chinese parliament, to the south by the Mao Mausoleum, to the east by the National Museum of China (中国国家博物), the former Revolutionary History Museum. 

In the north you see the Gate of Heavenly Peace - Tiananmen, the gate to the Imperial City. The facade is still adorned with one of the few publicly visible portraits of Mao Zedong in China. The great chairman Mao Zedong (毛澤東) wanted to document his claim to imperial power.

Although Mao is no longer particularly in mind of younger people, many Chinese queue to take a look at the mummy of Mao.
In the center of the square is  the 131 ft. high Monument to the People's Heroes (人民英雄纪念碑)  and a monument showing scenes from the history of the Revolution.

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