Rug Hooking and Home Life in Chéticamp - Canada

Chéticamp is an Arcadian fishing village at the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highlands, Canada. A visit to the "Museum of the Hooked Rug and Home Life" in the building "Les Trois Pignons" should not be missed.

Piano in Museum of the Hooked Rug and Home Life

The museum is dedicated to two women from Chéticamp: Marguerite Gallant and Elizabeth LeFort. Marguerite Gallant (1890-1983) had a profound love of collecting and so we can admire many everyday objects from the former life of the Arcadians in the museum today.

Rug Hooking
Rug Hooking
Chéticamp gained worldwide fame through Rug Hooking. The residents developed the Scandinavian technique of Rug Hooking to perfection. Burlap is stretched in a wooden frame. 
Thereafter colored yarn is hooked through the large pores of the burlap until they form a desired pattern. A simple nail with a curved tip attached to a wooden handle is used as hook. After the removal of the frame the burlap tightens and gives the yarn a firm stability.

Rug Bluenose made by Elisabeth LeFort in 1980
Bluenose Rug

Elizabeth LeFort (1914-2005) was an expert in Rug Hooking and got famous when she began hooking portraits of celebrities. Her works can be seen in the White House, in the Vatican or in the Buckingham Palace today.  A number of their rugs are exhibited in the Dr. Elizabeth LeFort Gallery, here at the museum.

In the video you can see some of the work of Elizabeth LeFort, such as the rug "Crucifixion",  with 510 colors and a size of 3,0m x 1,7 m / 55 square foot
Back in 1959 she created the rug "United States Presidential History" in just 6 months. It shows the 34 presidents and two seals and was made by hooking 1,700,000 loops out of 7 miles of yarn in 390 colors.

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