Pelion - Greece

The Pelion (Πήλιο) in Greece is a mountain range which extends over the peninsula of the same name east of Volos. Its steep slopes lead directly into the sea and make the area extremely inaccessible, which did not permit any conqueror to occupy the area. Therefore, the Pelion enjoyed even under the Ottomans an autonomous status. In mythology, the Pelion was regarded as the homeland of the Centaurs.

In Portaria (Πορταριά) we visit the small church Panagia Portaria from the 13th Century, with its beautiful frescoes

Along a winding steep road, we reach the famous mountain village Magrinitsa. Already at the entrance, you can buy an ample choice of specialties from the Pelion like marinated fruits, honey, brandy and lots of other agricultural products.The main square, surrounded by two taverns and a small church offers with a lovely view of Volos. Therefore the place was already described by the statesman Eleftherios Venizelos as a balcony of the Pelion.   

Kafenion Theophls
An orginal mural painting of the painter Theofilos (Θεόφιλος) deceased in 1934 can be admired in the Kafenion Theophils. The picturesque village with its stately homes is spread over an area with an altitude gain of approx 500 meters. 

plane tree in Tsangarada
In the middle of the village square of Tsangarada stands an enormous plane tree with a 40 m spreading crown. It is estimated to be 1,000 years old. The circumference of the tree trunk is given as 14 m. Although tourists are climbing around in the tree, the plane tree makes a vigorous impression. The lovingly restored church is decorated with fine wood-carved icons. In the abundant shade of that place could remain for hours, but the Pelion offers more destinations.  

We discover bays with crystal-clear water at his East coast which invite to taking a bath. The best known one is the bay of Mylopotamos. Some places are accessible only by steep roads.

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