Open-air museum Stuebing, Austria

The  open-air museum Stuebing is in a narrow valley 9 miles north of Graz in Styria, Austria. It is one of the 10 largest and most impressive open-air museums in Europe and ranks among the top 5 destinations in Styria.

About a hundred original historic rural buildings from the different provinces of Austria were collected and rebuilt. Besides farms of all styles from all regions, a school, a grocery store, several mills and an armory have been restored.

The original craftsmanship is carried out during days of action. Domestic animals are kept in the summer and let the valley and the farm yards come to life. The buildings in Stuebing depict the life of our ancestors, who have lived modestly and perhaps more contentedly.

A visit to the museum is an experience for the whole family. During the year there are always interesting events for young and old take place.

The open-air museum Stuebing is opened from April until October, daily from 9-17 hours. Dogs on a leash are very welcome.

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