Karnak Temple Complex - Egypt

The Karnak Temple Complex, north of Luxor, is the largest temple complex in Egypt. In front of the entrance area is Corridor of Sphinxes that linked the Karnak temple with the Luxor temple. The oldest buildings of the temple are approx. 4000 years old.

Karnak Temple
The temple was dedicated to the god Amun-Re, his wife Mut and their son Khons. Behind the first pylon in the front courtyard stands the huge statue of Ramses II, with his daughter Merit-Amum at his feet. 
The most important area is the Great Hypostyle Hall, between the second and third pylon.The pillars symbolize the papyrus, which grew out of the marsh around the primeval hill which rose out of the primeval ocean. It symbolizes the dawn of creation. 

The hall is 337 ft. long, 173 ft. wide and the columns are up to 73 ft. high. At the rear of Amun-Re Temple is the sacred lake, fed solely by groundwater.

Part of the James Bond Movie "The Spy Who Loved Me"  was made on location in the Karnak Temple.

Since 1979 the Karnak Temple Complex is part of the UNESCO- World Heritage Sites.

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