Traveltip Austria- Grossmugel Glaubendorf

Giant tumulus in Grossmugel

Near the village of Grossmugel (large steep hill), located in the wine district of Lower Austria, is a giant tumulus. The 3,500-year-old hill grave is the largest in Central Europe with a height of 18 m. At that time, social hierarchies have already been emerged here.

Circular ditch

The neolithical circular ditch site is shrouded in mystery to this day. About 50 out of the known 140 Circular ditches of this type in Europe are in Lower Austria. They have been built 6.000 - 7.000 years ago. The first of the two circular ditches in Glaubendorf, 35 km north of Krems, was reconstructed the year 2005.

Right next to it is another attraction - the Heldenberg (Mountain of Heroes). Joseph Godfrey Pargfrieder, a factory owner who had come to wealth through the supply of the army, built the memorial with 169 statues and busts. On the one hand he wanted to heroize the Imperial and Royal army, their emperors, generals and military leaders and on the other hand he was hoping that part of the fame reflects back to him. Despite his vanity he was, however, also a patron and distributed donations generous, especially to needy citizens.

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