Destinations in the Zagoria - Greece

Monodendri – Μονοδένδρι - north of Ioannina in the Zagoria is a popular starting point for walking through the Vikos Gorge. The gorge is 6 miles long and according to the Guinness Book of Records it is the world's deepest gorge with a depth from 1,968 ft to 3,281 ft. 

Monastery Agia Paraskevi

As you can see in the video, you have a stunning overview from the Monastery Agia Paraskevi, founded in 1414. A well-maintained walking trail of 1,968 ft leads to the monastery. The impressive frescos in the church date presumably from the late Byzantine time, probably from 1412.

Pitas tis Kikitsas

Back in Monodendri we've deserved a break and made a stop on the market square in Pitas tis Kikitsas restaurant. The name of the restaurant dates back to 1958, when the Frenchmen were the first tourists in the region. They had problems with the Greek name of the landlady and they simply called here Madame Kiki. Here you can taste the typical Alevropitas, made of flour, butter, eggs and feta and baked according to the original recipe from Madame Kiki from 1958.

Destination Zagoria

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