Delfi - a popular tourist destination in Greece

The modern town Delfi (Δελφοί) in central Greece is a popular tourist destination. The guest has a choice among approx.30 hotels. However, the place has become famous due to the ancient Delphi, its oracle and its Castalian spring.

In the evening we walk through the touristic part of Delphi with its souvenir stalls and visit a futuristically lit bar. From its terrace you can watch the lights in the valley.

Charioteer of Delphi

Next to the temple district is a modern museum with precious finds  - jewelry, statues, reliefs and tiles from Delphi. Undoubtedly, the Charioteer of Delphi, the most impressive exhibit. It is one of the few bronze statues in Greece, which has not been reprocessed into weapons, because it was buried under a mudslide.

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