Olympic Park in Munich - Germany

The Olympiapark  - Olympic Park - in Munich is one of the largest recreation areas in Bavarian provincial capital Munich, Germany. 

Besides the sports centers from of the 1972 Summer Olympics (officially Games of the XX Olympiad) the Olympic lake and the Olympiaberg – Olympic mountain - are to the central elements of the park, developed on a drawing-board.

The Olympic hill was built from the ruins of the 2nd World war destroyed houses in Munich. It allows a wonderful view over sports facilities designed by the architectural firm Behnisch & Partners. The glassy tent-roof, designed by the German architect and structural engineer Frei Otto, gives the stadium an ease that seemed tailor-made for the happy atmosphere of the Olympics. However the terrorist attack of 1972 turned the atmosphere into horror. 

The outstanding athlete of these games was the U.S. world class swimmer Mark Spitz with 7 victories, in each case setting a new world record.

Today, the Olympic Park is primarily used for athletic competitions and cultural events.

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