Landhaus, Landeszeughaus (armory) in Graz - Austria

Arcade court of the Landhaus

The Landhaus - located in the Herrengasse in Graz in Styria, Austria - is the headquarter of the Styrian Provincial Government. It is considered one of the most important Renaissance buildings in Central Europe. Of particular interest is the arcade court inside.

In the same building you find the Landeszeughaus – the armory. It was used as central arsenal during the Turkish wars. Today it is part of the Universalmuseum Joanneum, the second largest museum in Austria. The 32,000 exhibits, spread over four floors, suffice to equip 16,000 men with the weapons from the 16th to 18th century.

At the beginning of the Turkish wars, Inner Austria itself was responsible for the security of borders, which meant great sacrifices and financial expenses for the population. In exchange, the local defense industry experienced a great upswing. Later the emperor took over the safeguarding and received the required means from the imperial State. However, the prerequisite for this assistance was that a substantial part of the weapons was delivered from the countries of the empire. At that time many of the weapons were manufactured in Nuremberg, Augsburg and Innsbruck. 

Later, Maria Theresa wanted to dissolve the armory to regulate the arming in Vienna centrally. That this unique testimony of medieval warfare remained unchanged we have to owe the intensive requests of the inhabitants of Graz at that time.

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