Whale watching on rough sea - Canada

Tiverton, in the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Canada, is the ideal place for whale watching. Tiverton is located on the west end of the Nova Scotia offshore peninsula called Digby Neck. To reach Tiverton, one must take a ferry.

On arrival, it was doubtful if we could clear the port for whale watching. In the morning, the wind in the Bay of Fundy had been very stormy and waves were high. But we were lucky to take the boat in the early afternoon.

As one sees in the video, the sea was very rough. Our guide took the hardest part. Despite sonar and radar, armed with binoculars she stood in the bow, looking out for whales. And suddenly they were there. Slowly they maneuvered their enormous bodies through the waves. The weather at the surface seemed to care little.

Whalewatching Tiverton
Usually there are herds of humpback and fin whales to see. You can also find the Northern Right Whale as well as blue whale and minke whales.

We quickly had our eyes accustomed to scan the sea for whale blows.The first massive tail fins compensated us for the waiting time and made the day a memorable one.

Video, picture and text: copyright @myVideoMedia