Olympic Stadium in Montreal - Canada

The architecture of the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec in Canada is a lasting memory of the summer Olympics of 1976.

Olympic swimming pool
The Olympic swimming pool was biggest in the world up to the construction of the swimming pool in Sydney. Half of the bottom can be lowered or elevated, so that the water depth can be adjusted for the individual competitions.

The stadium was the first one with a variable roof. Especially in winter, when 100 tons of snow loads cover the roof, the construction had not prove itself, so that today it is firmly closed and heated in winter. Shortly before our visit the great marathon took place.

Emblem of the Olympic stadium is his sloping tower. From the observation deck on top you have a great panoramic view over the Olympic Village, the downtown, the St. Lawrence River and the harbor. However the tower was completed only 11 years after the Olympics, because the workers frequently were on strike during the construction phase.

The tower serves as the basis for funicular which brings the visitors in less than 2 minutes to the observation deck.

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