Trip to the Heart´s Content – Newfoundland

Heart's Content Cable Station
The “Mile One” of the Trans Canada Highway is in St. John's, Newfoundland. From here it runs on the 4.990 miles across the entire country.

For our visit to the Heart's Content Cable Station, we do not take the direct route. We travel from St. John's on the Trans Canada Highway up to the junction to the Highway 71 and from there to the town of Carbonear.

Carbonear, located on the Avalon Peninsula - the easternmost part of the island of Newfoundland - is one of the oldest permanent settlements of Newfoundland. From here we continue our way on Highway 74 to the Heart's Content.

In 1866, after the first telegraph cable successfully landed here, Heart’s Content became a relay station between Europe and New York.

The old equipment in the Heart's Content Cable Station is still well preserved. The end of the cable which once disappeared here in the water and came back to the surface in Ireland still hangs out of the control cubicle.

You can visit the Heart's Content Cable Station during the summer months daily from 10:00 to 5:30.

At the northern end of the bay of Heart’s Content is the lighthouse, built in 1901. His coat reminds of a red white candy cane.

Video, picture and text: @ myVideoMedia