A trip on the Shennong Xi in China - Part1

Couple on the Shennong River
We anchor in Badong and see for the first time one of the relocated cities; also impressive is  bridge -  357 ft. high and 3 miles long. Nothing from the old city is recognizable; everything in the city was completely removed to avoid shallows for navigation. Here is the entrance to the Shennong River -神农溪.

The river, which is around 37 miles long, can now be traveled by ship for around 12 miles through the Longxia-Gorge (Parrot Gorge, Long Qing Xia - 龙庆峡  - Great Dragon Gorge). The valley slopes are mostly still covered by original vegetation and are a home to monkeys and mountain gazelles.

Next to the Dragon Temple – which also had to be elevated due to the Three Gorges Dam – we pass a huge cave - Cave of Swallows - which extends 4 miles into the mountain.

The Shennong River is known not only for its narrow valley, but also for the 2000 year old hanging coffins of the deceased of the Tujia nationality (土家族) counting 8.3 million. The coffins are preserved in inaccessible places in the rock walls.

Video, text and picture: @ myVideoMedia