Salmonier Nature Park - Neufundland

Arctic Fox
The Salmonier Nature Park wants to familiarize the visitors with the indigenous wildlife of Newfoundland and Labrador and to create a better understanding for the needs of the animals their natural environment.

In addition to the rehabilitation of animals, the park also assumes an important role in research, e.g. the starting of the breed of the endangered Newfoundland marten in 1995.

A boardwalk with a length of 1 mile winds through the 1,400-hectares park with a mixture of woods, marshes, and ponds. One can discover the native wildlife like snow owl, peregrine falcon, moose, bald eagles, Canadian geese and arctic foxes here.

We were impressed by the arctic foxes. These shy animals have the densest fur of all mammals.

The Salmonier Nature Park is located on the Avalon Peninsula on the Salmonier Line (Route 90), 7 miles south of the Trans Canada Highway (Route1).

Video, text and picture: @ myVideoMedia