Ming Dynasty Tombs Beijing - China

Remembrance Stela - Ming Tombs
The Ming Dynasty Tombs ( 明十三陵 )   - 31 miles away from the Chinese capital – are an interesting destination for visitors of Beijing.

Half way between the Great Wall and Peking are the mausoleums of 13 of the 16 Ming emperors.

The grave of Dingling, the Emperor Wanli ( 萬曆 )  between 1572 and 1620, is freely accessible.

The grave, located 88.6 ft below ground, can be reached through an ante-chamber which was empty when it was discovered.  The actual grave chamber holds 3 coffins: the Emperor's, his wife's and that of a concubine.  Between the entrance and the foyer is another hall containing three marble thrones with small altars.

Each grave includes a higher Stela Pavillion with the Remembrance Stela of the deceased.  If no text is found on the stela it means that the level of fame of the deceased was so great that the room assigned to hold it was not large enough. From the outside, each grave appears only as a round mound of earth. The original preparation halls where the deceased were sacrified, today serve as exhibit areas for grave goods or their copies.

In 2003 the UNESCO has included the Ming Tombs in the World Heritage List.

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