Journey on the Li River in China - Part1

Li Jang - the Li River
The Li River (Li Jiang 漓江) has its source in the Cat Mountains - Mao'er Mountains - in the district of Xian (兴安 县 Xing'an Xiàn) north of Guilin in China. The river has a length of 302 miles. Its picturesque karst landscape near Guilin made the Li River a major tourist attraction in China.

The Li Jiang meandrous winds through Guilin, Yangshuo and Pingle. Our journey takes us from Guilin to Yangshuo in about 4 hours. This first part shows the river from Guilin to Langshi.

During the trip, you can get little glimpses into the everyday life of the population. As all the boats take off almost simultaneously, the first ship convoy resembles a single file. In the course of the journey the ships spread on the river.

Before the departure, the cooks open the on-board kitchens to prepare the meals. The supply with fresh vegetables is carried out during the journey.

It is a wonderful, varied landscape with spectacular rock formations, interesting caves, springs and waterfalls. For the Chinese people the 52 miles between Guilin and Yangshuo resemble a jade ribbon wraping around thousands of hills. Every mountain is covered with a picture, like the Bat Hill (Bat Mountain) or the Wangfu rock that resembles a mother and child. We pass the Crown Cave (Cave of the crown) and immerse into the Langshi landscape.

Video, text and picture: @ myVideoMedia