Grates Cove to Harbour Grace – Newfoundland

In the small port of Butchers, not far from Heart's Content, Newfoundland, we observe an incoming fishing boat. We are curious to see the catch, however, the disappointment of the fishermen is already written on their faces. They have caught absolutely nothing. The crisis of fishing in Canada is not yet completely overcome.
Grates Cove - Newfoundland

Picturesque fishing villages are nestled on the rocky coast. The view is crystal clear; the air is as pure as nowhere else in the world.
The area around Grates Cove - the northernmost community on the Avalon Peninsula - is not frequented by many tourists. The rock formations of the Grates Cove Rock Walls resemble fortification walls of a castle ruin.

On the second look one discovers a variety of bloomer in the tundra.

In the evening we arrive at Harbour Grace where we see the SS Kyle. Due to a heavy storm and the encounter with an iceberg the S.S. Kyle stranded February 4th, 1967 in flat waters of Harbour Grace; The SS Kyle was built in England in 1913 and in May 20th, 1913 she came as the first ferry ship of Newfoundland under the command of Captain Lorenzo Stevenson to St. John.

She was the queen of the coal steamers and due to the extra-thick hull she was used as an icebreaker and was also known as the bulldog of the North. In memory of her father, Captain Guy Earle - the last owner - Elisabeth Earle, together with the mayor of Harbour Grace Newfoundland and many others launched a non-profit organization for the restoration of the SS Kyle.

In the last light of the setting sun, we catch a glimpse of the St. Paul's Anglican Church, the oldest stone church in Newfoundland, built in 1835.Still today Harbour Grace lives essentially from shipbuilding, mainly smaller tonnage.
Spirit of Harbour Grace

5 years after Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, as the first woman started her successful solo flight across the Atlantic. In recognition of the role of the city in the aviation industry, the Pike family donated the DC3 "Spirit of Harbour Grace" from 1943 to the town of Harbour Grace.

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