Cape Spear the easternmost point of North America

Cape Spear
Cape Spear, the most easterly point of the North American continent, is only 3 km southeast of St. John, the capital of Newfoundland.

The landmark is the lighthouse built in 1835. It is the oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland and has been restored to its original appearance of 1839, the common lighthouse design on Canada's east coast, a stone tower in the middle surrounded by a frame-house. Today it houses a museum.

The second lighthouse was built in 1955 and is still in operation today. From here you have the best views over the harbor entrance of St. John's and Signal Hill.

The bunkers and guns are a relic from World War II. However not a single shot was fired from here. The service in the battery, in this cold and often misty landscape must have been very monotonous. Today, the bunker offers a sheltered look at a wonderful landscape. Depending on season whales, seabirds or icebergs can be watched here.

The Cape Spear National Historic Park was open in 1983 by Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess of Wales.

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