Lauresilva - La Gomera - Canary Islands - Spain

La Gomera is the second smallest island of the Canary Islands in Spain. Due to the altitude and the microclimate La Gomera has several different vegetation zones.

It is an island with many faces. Usually you will arrive in the idyllic capital city of San Sebastian. Cliffy valleys and highly outstanding former volcanic vents characterize the landscape. The best known among the old volcanic vents is the Roque Agando.

A paradise for hikers is the national park Garajonay with its evergreen cloud forests located in the middle of the island. About 50 Barrancos (ravines) are meandering from here to the sea. In the national park you find the largest remaining contiguous laurel forest - Laurisilva. He survived only because the Canary Islands were spared from the Ice Age. He is part of the UNESCO world nature inheritance.

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