El Silbo the unique language of La Gomera

The worldwide unique whistled language El Silbo (silbar-whistle) can only be found on La Gomera, Canary Islands in Spain.

Already in the 15th Century the population invented the whistled language to communicate between long distances on the rugged mountainous island. 

El Silbo is a language with its own lutes which are articulated as whistles in certain tone length and tone pitch. The whistles can be heard for miles.

During the Spanish civil war from 1936-39 important messages were transmitted via whistling language. Up to now Shepherds and fieldworkers communicate across wide distances with El Silbo. In 1999 El Silbo became compulsory subject in primary schools of La Gomera to ensure that this important heritage is not at risk to be forgotten. UNESCO has taken the centuries-old language into the Intangible Heritage List.

Allegedly his love for the former island mistress Beatriz de Bobadilla delayed his departure longer than necessary. The cruel rival of Queen Isabella of Castile supports Columbus financially in the repair of its fleet.

It is not proven whether Columbus and Beatriz de Bobadilla were praying together for a happy passage in the Church of the Assumption Mary. Similarly, there is no evidence that Columbus has used spring water from the Customs House in San Sebastian for the baptism of the American continent.

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