Shilin Stone Forest - China

Shilin Stone Forest

The Shilin Stone Forest - 石林 - or Shilin Yizu Zizhixian - 石林彝 族 自治县 - located southeast of Kunming is a highlight for all visitors.
Shilin Yi Autonomous County, formerly called Lunan County, is home to the Yi nationality and under the jurisdiction of Kunming , the provincial capital of Yunnan in China.

The bizarre formations of the Stone Forrest stretch across 24,000 hectares.  80 hectares of the Stone Forrest have been developed for tourists.  270 million years ago, sediment settled in the sea. Later the sediments were lifted tectonically and the soft layers were eroded by wind and water.  The limestone formations reach a height of 98 ft.

Since 2007, two parts of the Stone Forest - the Naigu Stone Forest and the Suogeyi Village - belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as part of the South China Karst.

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