The Mani Peninsula - Greece

Tower Houses in Vathia

The Mani peninsula is the southernmost part of the Peloponnese - the middle finger - and one of the most inaccessible parts of Greece.

None of the many conquerors could stay in the Mani for a long time since she was ruled by family clans which were often engaged in piracy. In addition, the life was strongly influenced by the blood feud, resulting in an own architectural style.

 The Mani is famous for its high residential towers that form the appearance of entire villages.

Gerolimenas a small fishing village lies picturesquely in a sheltered bay at the entrance to the Mani. It is famous for its squid, which is available here in all its variations.

The most popular place in the Mani is Vathia built up of defensive tower houses by which four of them have been restored and serve as a hotel and hostel. The longest feud is proved here between four families; it took 40 years and claimed 200 dead. The wild character of the residents inspired the uprising against the Turks.

Today the Mani suffers from a population decline; the rural exodus is widespread, as the tower houses cannot offer the convenience of modern apartments.

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