Lower Town Quebec - Canada

Lower Town Quebec
Quebec in the province of the same name is the most French of Canadian cities and the oldest European settlement in Canada at all, now with a three quarter of a million inhabitants. The city of Quebec is divided in an Upper Town and Lower TownBasse Ville - which are linked by the so called “neck-breaking" steps - ( Escalier casse-cou )  and the Old Quebec Funicular.

We choose the funicular to reach the Lower Town.

Here is the real center of tourism in the city. The artful signposts, the angled small houses and the facades, sometimes completely covered with paintings, make the visit a unique experience in North America. However, we are glad not to be here in the high season. A waiter told us that during this time it is hardly possible to cope with the “neck breaking steps” because of the milling crowd. The legend says that some drunken sailors have already broken their neck one the staircase.

Some visitors from Germany don’t have to miss their garden gnomes.

Numerous restaurants offer a good opportunity to get to know the French Cuisine.

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