CN Tower Toronto - Canada

Skyline of Toronto with CN Tower
Before the glittering facade of the Finance and Business District next to the Rogers Centre rises the huge 1,815 ft tall CN Tower, the landmark of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

On the CN Tower the eyes wander automatically across the skyline of downtown with the mighty skyscrapers of banks, insurance companies and consulting firms. In this area you find also the parliament building, the New City Hall and the university center. Further west you can recognize the Chinatown and Kensington Market. The Lake Ontario with the Toronto Islands, a recreational area with beaches, water sports, marinas, restaurants and small amusement parks is located on the south side. Very good to recognize is The Historic Fort York - built in 1783 - it is regarded as an origin of Toronto.

The major attraction on the observation deck is the glass floor. Even if the mind says that you are safe, it's a strange feeling to stand on the lightly swinging glass plates and let your eyes look down 1,135 ft.
But it goes even higher on the Sky Pod with an altitude of 1,464.9 ft.

Rogers Centre - SkyDome

From here you have a beautiful view on the Rogers Centre, a multipurpose stadium for 54,000 spectators. Until 2005, the Rogers Centre was named as SkyDome. Depending on the weather conditions the roof of the Rogers Centre can be within 20 min.

From this perspective the city looks almost like a model landscape.

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