Ancient Messene in Greece

After the victory of Thebes over Sparta in 369 BC, Messene was founded by the commander Epaminondas as the capital of Messenia, in order to prevent a regaining strength of Sparta. The city was still inhabited during the Byzantine period.

Ancient Messene is located about 18 mi. north of the foundation of the modern era. The excavations took place only recently and are still ongoing. Significant is the Asclepieion, an ancient sanitarium with a large inner courtyard enclosed by columns.

Here you can watch the archaeologists and conservators at work. In the video you see Italian students under the guidance of their professor just excavating a grave and examining the newly discovered skull.
A special feature is the exposed Messene treasure room - the safe of the city – where gold and silver was stored. Recently, the magnificent Ekklesiasterion was excavated. In former times it was used as for political meetings.

The monumental stadium, bordered on three sides with rows of erected pillars, is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Greece. The gigantic city wall - once 5.6 mi. long - is broken by the gigantic Arcadian gate with its own interior.

Text and Video: myVideoMedia