Vienna 1st District - Austria

Vienna is the capital and at the same time a state of Austria. Many of the sights are in the 1st district – the old town - and on the Ringstrasse, a broad boulevard that encloses this city district.
Our tour begins at the State Opera. The members of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra are elected from of the Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera.  Their famous Vienna New Year's Concert, taking place January 1, is broadcasted worldwide from the house of the Viennese Music Association (Musikvereinshaus).  Past the Hotel Sacher and the Albertina -the most renowned art museum of graphic arts - we reach the Heroes Square -Heldenplatz - with the equestrian statues of Prince Eugene and Archduke Charles.

In the inner yard of the Hofburg Palace you will find the statue of Emperor Franz I representing Emperor Augustus. The imperial crown cannot be overlooked.
The Swiss gateway leads into the oldest section of the castle - the Swiss Court. Here you should definitely visit the Treasury.  Among other interesting objects, the Imperial Insignia of the Holy Roman Empire and the inalienable heirloom of the House of Habsburg are shown.
Through the Michaelertor – St. Michael`s Gate - we leave the Hofburg Palace and touch the pedestrian precinct crowded by tourists and locals.
Today the Austrian Federal Chancellery is located in the Leopold Wing of the Hofburg Palace at the Ballhausplatz . In the opposite building, where the Congress of Vienna met once, are the offices of the Chancellor.
From the Imperial Court Theatre (Burgtheater), one of the most important German language theaters in the world, one arrives at the folks' park (Volksgarten) built in 1819 with the Theseustemple set up the 1819.
Across the trench (Graben), one of the most exclusive streets of the city, you reach the Stephansplatz. It was formerly the trench in front of the Roman fort, which became the ditch in front of the city wall in the Middle Ages. In one of the side streets you will find the Café Hawelka - Vienna's most famous artists' café.
The St. Stephen's Cathedral is the landmark of Vienna.  The glass facade of the Haas house is in a lively architectural contrast to the St. Stephens cathedral.