Krupp School in Berndorf - Austria

Berndorf a town in the district of Baden in Lower Austria is inseparably connected to the name Arthur Krupp. The businessman took over the management of the cutlery factory from his father and his partners at the age of 23. With his unique business philosophy, he turned the factory into an international corporation with 6,000 employees.

Classroom Krupp School Berndorf
During many journeys he always had got in contact with different cultures and wanted to pass these cosmopolitan attitudes to his workers. So he did not only build settlements but also an own theatre, a church and schools for his workers.

The classrooms are assigned in their optical appearance to various learning contents. The rooms on the ground floor show geography and cultures, periods of history are represented in the upper floor. The learning content of the architecture and stylistic elements should provide students with an understanding of other values. The development proved him right.

After the occupation of Austria by the National Socialists in 1938 his enterprise was incorporated into the German Krupp Group and was the target of numerous air raids by the Allies during the Second World War. Today Berndorf is home of many high-tech companies.

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