Explore the Erzberg mine in Austria by Hauly

Hauly Tour

The Erzberg mine - located in Styra 37 miles northwest of Graz Austria - is the world's biggest deposit of siderite and largest open pit mine in Western Europe. It seems that already the Romans excavated the Iron ore in this mine. The extracted ore contains only few sulfur and phosphor so that it is best suited for the production of high qualitative steel. Similar siderite deposits can be found in Huettenberg in Carinthia, Austria. Presumably the legendary reputation of the iron of Noricum is based on these two deposits.

Today, the mine can be explored by Hauly. On the back of this coal hauler with 860 hp one reaches the terraces of the stunning mountain. Where the terraces appear honeycomb-shaped the galleries of the former mining come to the surface.

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